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I’m the luckiest guy on the track, really.

So I’ve had a lot of people pinging me lately, asking what’s been going on race-wise and in my life, since I haven’t been posting a lot of here. So let me catch you up.

So things have been pretty busy, in a good way, getting ready for the last regional sprint race of the year. I’ve been racing in the Gold Cup this year with my World Formula, and I’m currently 4th in points out of 26 drivers.  If the race weekend goes really well at the end of the month, I’d end up in the top three, which would be a bonus, given all of the engine troubles that I’ve been having.

However, those engine niggles should be going away, as I just picked up a new motor built by Lawrence Engines two weeks ago. (Yay!) I finally had a chance to break it in at PGP Motorsports Park. It’s got a much thicker power-curve than my old motor, but I wasn’t able to confirm any laptimes, because the battery cord on my Micron got sliced by user error.

It’s so nice to be able to reach the limiter again going down the straight without having to play with the gearing so much, and knowing that the kart’s wasn’t really quick.So, I’m going to have the old one torn down and turned into a practice day/club race engine.  

Still, I can’t complain. Every second on the track has been a blast, because I just love driving so much. I’m lucky to have some great friends and sponsors who have been helping me get out on the track, and increase my confidence as a driver in what I’m capable of doing.  I’ve been able to reset my goals for the remainder of this year, so it should be exciting.

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On the blogging front, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, I’ve been posting fewer ‘technique-based’ articles on |StartingGrid| over the last few months. That’s because I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to write for a few other publications, such as Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets Weekly, Build/Race/Party and RacerTimes News, so many of those types of articles will be landing there in the future.

That’s been really great, because it has made it so that the voice of |StartingGrid| can change a little bit. I’m trying to evolve the site into more of a “personal/grassroots” motorsports blog, whatever the hell that means. It makes sense in my head, ok?

I’m going to try to write more posts that have more of my personal opinions on things. Some of the other writers on might be doing that too, but we’ll see.

Anyway, stay tuned. Whatever |StartingGrid| turns into, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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