|Video| How to Figure out a New #Drift Track

We’re going to Formula D Seattle this weekend. So, of course we’re going to car-nerd chat about things before going. Most of us on the blog do some racing ourselves, and so we value our track-walks and preparation of how we get ready to hit the track.

So then the question came up. “I wonder how drifters prepare for a new course?” Drifting competitively has to be tough, because you’re not only checking on how fast you can drive, but you’re also subjectively being judged.

Of course, the Internet will provideth, and we found a video. 😉 Take a look, and when we get back from Evergreen Speedway, we’ll do a post about what we noticed about how the drivers prepare for battle.

So if you race, regardless what you drive, how do you prepare to get ready to be on the track?

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