|Video| Pirelli to test new 18″ #f1 tire at Silverstone

Since 2011, Pirelli has been talking about the need to implement a new 18 inch tire to Formula One cars. Tomorrow during the test at Silverstone, the Lotus team will be testing the new diameter tire for the first time.

Pirelli released a promotional video, basically to just give a general idea of what the car will look like with the new tires. They say the idea is to provide more a relevance to road car development, which makes some sense as the sizes that they sell to people like you and me are normally 18″ and above.

Personally, much like with everything else in 2014, the look is growing on me. Also, the fanboy in me likes the dished look. From what I’ve heard, these new tires wouldn’t make it to the races for at least three years from now.

What do you guys think? Does it matter to you if F1 cars have the same size tires as of what are on road cars?

Update: New video of the actual wheels on the Lotus. Charles Pic testing today.



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