|World Formula| Start of the Racing Season…with Pictures! #kart


Of course, someone catches me mugging the camera in my fatty kart suit.

I guess we have to do something ourselves sometimes, right?

So the start of the 2014 race season has finally gotten underway for myself and my karting team, Xccel Racing. We’ve got several drivers in different categories of machines this year, so that allow us get out to several different tracks in the Pacific Northwest.

Steven and I are racing in the regional Gold Cup series this year, which means that we’re trying to get as much track time at local club races and doing practice days as we can. I’ve got a new Velox SK1 chassis this year, so I’m spending more time gathering data on how I like to have it setup. Steven on the other hand is gathering more miles on his Intrepid chassis.

Here are some shots from PGP Motorsports Park this past weekend. The track was half wet/dry, and I spent every session running different gearing finding out which was too short. Turned out all of the gearing I picked was too short, but at least we now know what not to run out there! 😉


We’re having a blast with these karts. Normally I’d have some onboard helmet video, but I just got a new Arai GP5-W and didn’t want to stick something to it. (I’m thinking about doing a kart mount instead, but that’s a story for another time). Also, seeing that I just got a new kart, I really wanted to just spend some time getting to know it better without running around gathering information.

However, data is an important thing! I’m planning on picking up a datalogging unit to gather more information on what the chassis and driver is doing. The plan is to start a new blog series here on |StartingGrid| about my findings with data acquisition and the notes from my log, so stay tuned for that!

This new series will have more nerd-data about laptimes and log charts. Maybe you guys will have more of a reason to drop by the blog afterwards. (Or I’ll never see you guys again…haha)

Thanks to Kevin Janders Racing for taking these photos over the weekend. Making us look good!

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