|World Formula| New year, new goals #kart


Big Stock Honda engine on the stand. My little World Formula engine on the ground. 😛

So finally I got around to writing the first project log of the year for the World Formula karts. It’s been a busy first few weeks, which is why it’s taken me so long.

Last year, Steven and I decided to take the step into racing World Formula competition karts. We got the karts built, found some transportation and made it to a few club races for practice. Now this year, we’ve decided to go a step further and race in the Gold Cup, which is one of the regional series for competition karts.

Need to work on taking better selfies...

Need to work on taking better selfies…

I got the year started off right by upgrading to a new race chassis. My old Intrepid chassis was seven years old, and it was a good starting kart in order to get going to the track. However it was always tricky to drive, which made it hard to get comfortable.

Honestly, I think that it was really only good as a wet-weather kart, because the frame had so much mileage on it that flexing helped in the slower wet speeds. However, it was useless in the dry which made it not that much fun to drive all the time…


So enough talk about the past! Let’s talk about the new chassis!

My new kart is a 2012 Velox SK1. Saturday, I spent time putting it together, and Sunday I had the new seat fit and made sure that nothing blew up. It’s so nice having a new chassis to work on. You can just see some of the quality differences between my old Intrepid and my new kart.

Funny how things come full circle. Raced this kart once when it was loaned to me for a test day. Now it's mine, albeit as a World Formula for now.

It was actually a chassis that I’m a bit familiar with, as I raced it once when it was a Rotax in the middle of last year. It’s funny how things come full circle. Raced the Velox kart once, when it was loaned to me for a test day in a club race. Now it’s mine, albeit as a World Formula for now. Four-stroke karting has been great, because it’s allowed me affordable way to continue racing on my own budget.

I’ve still got some small aesthetic things to do on it, like changing the sticker kit and getting some numbers for it, but other than that it’s ready to go racing. There is a club race this Sunday, which is also my birthday. So I guess I’ll be celebrating it at the track, while testing out my new kart.

Can’t think of a better way to spend the day, to be honest. This year is planning to be something pretty sweet. Stay tuned.

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