|Video| What will a 2014 #F1 car look like?

In 2014, Formula 1 is going through one of the largest technical regulation changes in the series. We all know about the change from the 2.4 V8 engine to the 1.6 Liter V6 turbo “power unit”. (Click here to hear the Mercedes V6 turbo on the dyno.)

However, there are other aerodynamic and physical changes to the car that people may not know about, just simply described.

  1. Narrower front wings – The maximum width of the front wing is reduced from 1800mm to 1650mm.
  2. Lower front nose- The chassis and the front nose have been lowered, in order to reduce the possibility of cockpit intrusion in a side impact accident.
  3. No more blown floors – The exhaust location has been changed to a fixed location out the rear of the car under the wing, to prevent development of exhaust blown difussers.
  4. Simpler and shorter rear wings – The lower beam on the rear wings have been removed, as well as the wing has also been made more shorter.

I’m not sure if the cars are going to look much better than they have in recent years, but the combination of a new engine formula, it should make the show more exciting in 2014.

What are your thoughts on the new design changes for the cars? Do you think they are going to look better? What else would you have changed, or what would you have rather seen kept?

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