|Video| Be prepared or prepare to fail. #karts #racing

A crucial thing about motorsport, both at a club and at a professional level is the level of preparation that it takes from both the driver and the equipment to be successful. Leaving a ten-cent bolt loose, or forgetting a tool, can be just as tragic for a race weekend as a driver not being properly ready physically.

This time-lapse video from Carlin Motorsport just gives an example of how much work it takes them to get ready for a race weekend.

So why am I telling you this? – To get you thinking more about how you prepare to go racing!

Some of my karting friends and I have been talking about raising the quality of our own preparation activities when we go out for practice days and club races. Even though we’re not racing formula cars, it’s still important that we have as much of our stuff prepared  as we can prior to going racing.

It’s super important to make sure that we not only have all of our equipment with us when we need it, but also make sure that we have prepared our karts properly before we get on the track. It makes the weekend a lot less stressful, so we’re having more fun.


Just making sure that we have everything.

We’ve even started having preparation days, just to practice making sure that we have all of our parts loaded prior to a race, and to do an inventory of what we might need before the next time we’re on the track. I’ll do a post more about some of our particular tips and tricks later.

For our racer readers, how do you prepare prior to going racing? Have you ever had a time where your lack of preparation turned an easy day a nightmare?

Let us know in the comments?

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