Street Parked: 1946 GMC CC-152

GMC cc-152 front quarter
World War Two presents a problem when trying to identify the age of cars made in the years immediately before and after. Built between 1941 and 1947, this truck is probably a 1941 or a 1946 as none were available to the public during the war years. However, it could be military surplus sold after the war, with untold stories of wartime service driving the Burma road or chasing Patton east through Europe. There’s no way to tell, so I’m calling it a ’46. This 68+ year old truck still works for a living.

GMC CC-152 side view
Imbued with an amazing patina, this truck has a super functional new looking bed. This is a big truck, with those dual rear wheels, I bet load weight isn’t a concern. Check out the fender mounted turn signals, they’ve been upgraded to LEDs.
GMC CC-152 fender
These trucks were originally equipped with a 93 horsepower six cylinder engine. I wonder what’s under the hood now? The six might be adequate for around town use, freeway travel would be an annoyingly slow and noisy proposition.
GMC CC-152 hood
The hood on this truck is hinged in the middle and opens gull wing style. The front window cranks open, hinged at the top, for added ventilation.
GMC CC-152 cab
Spartan interiors were the norm for 40s work vehicles and this one does not vary. Guages, opening windows, and a single wiper are about as much as one could ask for when this truck was made. Few people would have considered using a truck like this to run errands or drop the kids off at school. In present day school dropoff loops, how cool would it be to see this pulling through. I used to drop my daughter off at school in my Miata, it would be dwarfed by all the SUVs and minivans. This truck would have the SUVs wetting themselves and the minivans swooning.
GNC CC-152 ornamentation
The stoutness of this truck isn’t to say there isn’t style here. The deco influence on the side badges are cool.
GMC badge
The GMC badge on the nose is also a pretty decoration. With no power steering and no power brakes, I imagine this is a challenging vehicle to drive. Not to say it wouldn’t be fun to have a go behind the wheel.

GMC CC-152 interior
Can you believe the patina on this thing? I think it’s one of the best street parked finds yet.

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I learned about this truck at this How stuff Works page.

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