Rush: Ron Howard’s Twitter Shots


Ron Howard’s movie: Rush has been very warmly received by fans of racing and good movies alike. I immediately followed filmmaker Ron Howard on Twitter when I heard he was starting production of this movie.  Mr. Howard is a very good tweeter, sharing lots of details about his current projects; he did provided a gearhead’s feast during Rush production.


That’s a Tyrrell P34, aka the six wheeler, it is real.  They used real F1 cars for this film. I wonder how they got insurance for this?


Here’s a Ferrari 308GT4.  In 1976, this is what you drove on the street when you drove a Ferrari on the track.


Look at the velocity stacks on that Ford Cosworth DFV installed in that McLaren M23D!


It is not a spoiler to mention that racer Niki Lauda had a big, fiery crash.  They recreated that crash for the movie at the site where it actually happened, the Nurgurgring.


Thank you Ron Howard, for both making a great movie about racing, and also for sharing these pictures with us.

More pictures can be seen on my Flikr page (including a couple shots of a Citroen DS, Mario Andretti in a JPS Lotus, and wigs).

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