|Time Attack| The #CaswellEffect and Crawford Performance Turbo BRZ

I just got this video from Bill Caswell, showcasing his time at the Redline Time Attack at Buttonwillow.  It does a solid job at presenting the performance of the Crawford BRZ that he was driving, but also highlighting the quality of entries as a solid grassroots motorsport for amateurs and semi-professionals.


Caswell onboard the BRZ, attacking Buttonwillow.

There’s something really pure about Time Attack.  It’s just you, the race car, the track, and stopwatch.

It’s extremely challenging,  because you don’t know how hard to push. There are always an extra few tenths out there depending on how hard you are willing to push you and your machine.” – Bill Caswell

For the teams involved, Time Attack is definitely no joke.  As a sport, you can see groups all over the world developing faster and faster machines. A greater number of them are sporting more aerodynamic and ground effects.  All for that perfect lap in their class.

Check out the Caswell Effect in action, as Bill and the Crawford team take the car to second place for the event.  Also, when you get a chance,  take a look at Bill’s new project at Build/Race/Party.


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