|Project Log| – World Formula Kart – Getting started!


So in one of our last posts, I told you about how we’re been running around a lot in the background with StartingGrid on some recent projects. 

Here is a little background on one the fun things that I’ve been working on –

Last year, I’d been trying to get into some competitive racing. I tried building one of my Miata as a track day car. However, due to some financial issues and other personal drama, I could never get the funds together to put together a package. We’ve all read the posts of Project Kyoko blowing up at autocrosses or on track days, so I don’t need to re-hash all of that.

The long and short of it was that, I wasn’t able to go racing like i wanted. Me not racing is like me not breathing, so it was clear that I would need something dedicated for racing, that could break and not leave me stranded somewhere. It was also important that the costs of running it would not break the bank.

So, because of that I’m currently building a World Formula competition race kart. For those of you unfamiliar with the World Formula engine, it’s a 200cc Briggs & Stratton four stoke powerplant, that makes around 15hp. I’m racing with a friend of mine as a teammate, Steven Taylor. He and I are building each a kart, so we can get into some affordable competitive racing.


Steven and his nephew – Freaking cute, right?!

Both of us have extensive experience racing indoor four-stroke cars in karting leagues, and have both taken series championships and/or series podiums.  So making the jump to a four-stroke outdoor kart seemed like a logical choice. Plus, it’s something that we’re both able to “afford”, as the costs of WF are pretty low comparatively


Over the last few months, I’ve been gathering up parts to get the chassis ready.  Right now, I’m currently constructing it out of a friend’s garage. My kart is not quite done yet. I still need to mount the seat properly, bleed the brakes, and a few other things, but we’ve been making positive progress over the last few months, and are almost ready to start some practice days

The kart is also pretty naked. I’m currently in the middle of designing a sticker kit for it, which will of course feature designs for StartingGrid, as well as some of the sponsors that we’ve been able to gather to help with this project, such as Xccel Racing, Sound Microsystems,   MELT Seattle and OuiWorks.

I’m also doing research on proper transportation on how to get the karts around, so stay tuned on those developments, as well as all fun shenanigans that will obviously come along on our adventures.

It’s going to be a a fun summer, for sure.

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