|Video| Formula 1 Insights from Gary Hartstein #F1 (Long Documentary/Worth It)

Normally, I wouldn’t want to post a 45 minute video of just a guy talking.

However when the person is Gary Hartstein, the former FIA Medical Delegate for the Formula One World Championship, it’s worth taking the time to listen. He’s got an interesting backstory.

I’m going to be honest. It’s a long one, so I’m not expecting people to get to commenting on it right away. However, I’d love to get people’s opinions on how safety in motorsports has changed over the last thirty years. The sport has seriously changed for the better thanks to people like Gary.

At the same time, this interview highlights some of the… inefficiencies of the system, at least from this man’s perspective. It’s clear that he’s hasn’t always enjoyed his experiences in Formula 1, but you can also see that he has an earnest passion for safety in motorsport.

What do you think about his ‘insights’ into Formula 1? Take a few minutes to watch some of it, and let me know your thoughts when you have time.

One thought on “|Video| Formula 1 Insights from Gary Hartstein #F1 (Long Documentary/Worth It)

  1. Well worth the time. I am a big F1 fan and never really thought about the view from the medical staff. The safety in F1 has improved so much over the years. But sad to see how politics seems to play a role more than anything else.

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