Street Parked: Triumph GT6 Mark 3

This brown Triumph passed by me in the opposite direction while I was biking to work. It was burbling through a parking lot on its way to its parking spot. I was stunned to see such a clean looking GT6 and quickly turned around to give chase and shoot some pictures.


It took me a few minutes to find the car, but the owner was no where to be seen. I was very curious to learn the history of this car. Had it been restored? Was it always brown?


I love Triumphs. Triumph is a sports car manufacturer that put its cars to the ultimate marketing test by racing at LeMans. The GT6’s swoopy fastback styling was developed by designer Giovanni Michelotti to give the convertible Spitfire model a higher top speed for racing. Michelotti was also responsible for the TR6, Spitfire, Stag, Dolomite, and TR7 (among many others – including work for BMW, the 2002).


On the outside the GT6 looks like a Spitfire, but that similarity is only skin deep. The GT6 has a 2 liter straight six instead of the Spitfire’s 1150cc four. These are small cars and weigh just over 2000 lbs, so that 2 liter engine has more than enough power to make the GT6 a very fun car. When the GT6 was new it was called “The poor man’s E-Type”.


Isn’t this GT6 a handsome car? I love that it’s brown. In the early 70’s sports car buyers had great color choices with browns, yellows, greens, and oranges being regularly spotted in traffic.  This car looks like it has been restored at some point, I’m glad the owner kept it brown instead of choosing to change the color to British Racing Green or another less daring color.


It was difficult to get decent shots of the nose, the bright Seattle sun was conspiring against me that morning. Here are a couple. I think from some angles the nose looks similar to that of Datsun’s 240Z.



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Want to learn more about the Triumph GT6? Here are a couple links to articles I used to jog my memory:
Classic and Performance Car’s GT6 buyer guide
The GT6 Wikipedia artice

2 thoughts on “Street Parked: Triumph GT6 Mark 3

  1. I remember the Spitfire convertible I owned in the Brit.Racing Green, very fun, Kool little car but had some finicky carbs. I don’t remember ever seeing one that Gold/Brown color. It definitely is an eye catcher and being a GT6 makes it that much more rare. Beautiful little car.

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