Street Parked: All I know is, I need this Saab!

So today, while I was pulling my race kart chassis out of storage to prepare for this season, I came across this Saab sitting in the corner of the parking lot.


Ignore the monitor sitting on the dash. This car needs to be driven…now!

I have a thing for odd-ball cars. (Clearly, not as much as Bret does. 😉 ) However, any modified Saab certainly qualifies. The thing is, like with my last Street-Parked post, I don’t know much about this car! Not the model, nothing! (facepalm)


From what I can tell, the owner definitely enjoys a good hooning once in a while, with the aftermarket suspension and BF Goodrich G-Forces that it’s shod in.


The half-cage in the back shows a little bit of the car’s “enthusiastic” past. This is one of those cars that if the price was good enough, I would want to purchase for myself without even thinking about it! The sad thing is that 1) there was no “For Sale” sign, and 2) the car was just sitting there collecting dust.


Someone should give this good hooner a home, eh?

2 thoughts on “Street Parked: All I know is, I need this Saab!

  1. Nice find! It looks to have 9000 Griffin edition wheels, those are pretty rare (only 400? Griffins made). I’d love a set for my 9000 Aero for winter tires.

    I’m curious if this is a former rally car. The rear gravel flaps and lack of trim around the wheel arches lead me to believe it has been painted a few times due to hook-wear.

    Not sure of what year this 99 is, but it definitely looks like a fun car.

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