Street Parked: 1948 GMC Truck


This truck lives in my neighborhood and doesn’t ever move. I think it is loaded with charm. I believe this to be a 1947 to 1949 truck, let’s call it a 1948.

The owner daily drives a Dart we’ve featured before and is committed to keeping old cars going.

This old truck probably doesn’t need much to run and drive. It has a great patina, but isn’t really in bad shape at all.

I’m not sure what one would do with a truck like this, perhaps take it to Cars & Coffee to show up the guys that have tried to purchase awesome? Make a tribute truck to “Mater” from the movie Cars? This truck has transcended beaterdom and had achieved a presence that can’t be denied. It is simply cool.

2 thoughts on “Street Parked: 1948 GMC Truck

  1. This truck has vent windows in the doors, which dates it as 1951 or newer. If those door handles are push-button, then it’s a 1952 or 1953. If they’re pull down handles, then it’s a 1951.

  2. Nice old GMC… I am restoring a 51 GMC 1 ton short wheelbase dump truck… This one appears to be (just from what I can make out from front pics only) a 53 [from the look of the door handles] and either a 1 1/2 ton or 2 ton truck. these old trucks are easy to restore and make great business advertisements or even for everyday work duty around a small farm or house project… The inline 6 cyl. most came with is easy to work on and has ample power to do heavy jobs….They were fairly good on gas with NO computer crap to worry with. Someone should get this one and fix it up and drive it !! …

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