Bret’s Driving Diary: National Autocross After a Decade Away

Sean Green's MX-5
This post is an experiment of sorts. I’m going to write about my racing exploits to allow me to publicly challenge myself to develop as a driver and hopefully regain or improve on my former level of performance.

It's a clubI’ve been racing off and on for the past 25 years. For the past decade, it’s been mostly off as life has taken me away from autocrosses and race tracks and given me a great family life filled with fun and adventure. The past decade has been incredible; even though I missed automotive competition I have enjoyed every day.

I’m now ready to jump back into more frequent, and more serious competition. I’ve been doing the odd LeMons race each year for the past couple of years and have been enjoying good times. My lap times are consistent and consistently fast, and I really enjoy the racecraft involved with endurance racing. It’s quite fun, and quite different from the frenetic chaos of an SCCA Club Racing sprint race.
MX5 booty
I may have mentioned to some of you that I’ve been curious about making a return to “serious” autocrossing. Traveling to National Tour and Pro events and such. Well, I’m jumping in to the deep end holding an anvil.

I’m going to cod-rive Sean’s new GT3 RS, er, I mean MX5 Club Sport at the National Tour event in San Diego (it looks like a happy little convertible GT3 RS, doesn’t it?) . Sean has the car almost fully prepped for class.

Shaik at Fat Cat is waving his magic wand over a set of shocks as we write/read. Doug at Chase Race is sure to align it to telepathic turn-in with willful rotation. The car will be fast enough to win or at least finish high in the trophies.

This is the perfect pallette for me to see how slow I’ve gotten over the decade that I’ve been out of autocross. I’ll use this event to see if I want to jump back in and chase the dream of a National Championship.

I’m really looking forward to this. I’m quite nervous; I know I can go fast on a road course, will I be an uncompetitive mess on an autocross course? We’ll see, wish me luck!

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