|Video| 2005 GP2 Monaco – Feature

I was planning on writing another driving-technique post earlier today, but I got frustrated during the brainstorming phase. Instead, I’ve fallen back to a personal favorite weekend activity by watching (‘classic/nostalgic/early 2000-era?’) feeder series races.

One of the reasons that I enjoy this, is because YouTube actually allows people to upload these races so I can see them. I’ve always been bewildered with the ridiculousness that FOM stops people from sharing Formula 1 races online. It’s honestly like they don’t want more people in the modern era to watch their sport.

However, through FOM’s greed/incompetence, I discovered the jewels of watching European-feeder series races online. The best part about it is that you get a clear understanding of which drivers are fast, because all of the lower European formula are spec-series. Plus it’s super exciting to look at these past videos and try to figure out where these drivers are in the present day.

I figured I’d share the link to you guys too. The Monaco race an hour, but it’s totally worth it. Find any cool tidbits looking in older races? Discuss in the comments. 🙂

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