|Project Asuka| – A red-headed homecoming!

Well, it’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for! Project Asuka has finally arrived on my doorstep!


I’ve been looking for a second project car to act as a backup for Project Kyoko, as well as be some cheap fun for the spring/summer autocross season. Asuka is a car that I purchased from a friend at a price so low, we might as well call it a gift. (Thanks!)

Once I get some finishing bits done on Asuka, I’m going to pull Kyoko off the road and give that car a full refresh. She’s definitely deserved it after her tens of thousands of miles of un-fun community duty, so hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll have two refreshed cars.


So here’s the deal. Asuka came with no interior. I mean zero. Her passenger seat was resting in the footwell, just hanging out there. Her gauges don’t work. Also, she has no light motors, so you raise the lights manually. However for the price and the intention that I have for her, she’s absolutely perfect.


I took her for a drive around the block this morning, just to get a feel for her. Now I’ll be surfing Craigslist for some of the following parts:

  • Quick release steering wheel
  • New hardtop top and side latches (and interior side latches for the hardtop to latch onto)
  • Front undertray
  • Some OEM or cheap Wheels that have some dish to them. (Either that, or I’ll take the  OEM Miata that I painted last year and mount them. Right now I’m using them as a table. 😉 )
  • Bucket seat for the driver’s side
  • Harddog or Boss Frog Rollbar

Then I’ll have to fabricate some parts myself. Such as:

  • Foot panel to stop passengers from kicking Asuka’s brains (ECU)
  • Blanker plates to cover up some of the interior spaces where there is no radio, etc
  • Other things that I have completely forgotten. 😉

Honestly with the ideas that I have for Asuka, I can’t be happier with this project.  It also stopped me from having to make these compromises with Kyoko. If things stay on track, there will be more on-track hoonery in 2013 than the near-zero that there was in 2012…

Stay tuned… I’m pretty excited. <smiles>


5 thoughts on “|Project Asuka| – A red-headed homecoming!

  1. I’ve been thinking more an more lately that I need two Miatas. One fully loaded for more pleasurable cruising and one to totally strip down into a raw fun machine. I’m finding it very difficult to compromise between the two ideals.

    • I posted prematurely. I was also going to say:

      Congrats on the new project acquisition, and it’s good to hear that you’ve already got a basic roadmap planned out for it!

    • That’s where Asuka came into play. I always felt bad wanting to strip stuff out of Kyoko, since she’s already so clean.

      When a stripped Miata ended up on my doorstep, I was more than happy, because it was just what I needed! I’ve been planning the idea for a while, so I’ve been trying to select modifications that will allow me to get the car on the road/track fast, while not breaking the budget.

      Basically, autocross until I can get a rollbar on her, then track days.

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