|Formula 1| Lewis Hamilton crashes W04 in Jerez test


Lewis Hamilton’s opening days with Mercedes have not been the smoothest. Due to a brake failure, Hamilton crashed his W04 after only 15 laps of testing. Between the two days, the Mercedes has only achieved 29 laps in the pre-season test, compared to the hundred plus of some of their immediate competitors.

It’s better to have these problems now, than during the season, but it doesn’t help the team.

Check out the video after the jump.

I’ve been looking for this video for the better part of the day to share with you guys, only because I’ve had so many people coming to ask me about it via email.

4 thoughts on “|Formula 1| Lewis Hamilton crashes W04 in Jerez test

  1. Brake balance failure? What’s that? The technology in my 1982 Reynard can’t suffer a brake balance failure unless the driver turns the knob to a place it shouldn’t have been.

    • I think that it’s too early to tell whether it’s going to be good or bad.

      The problem is that we never get a chance to see how the car is going to fair on long runs right now vs competitors.

      Mostly because the car isn’t running for that long. 😉

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