|Formula 1| Sauber C32 comes good, at least on the livery front. #F1


Last season, Sauber had their most competitive season in Formula 1. Scoring four podiums, the team is hoping that the team’s new contender will be able to do one better.

What I personally love about the new car has nothing to do with the performance changes of the car. It’s the new livery. I’m loving the grey throwback, which reminds me a bit of the older Sauber cars from ’93 and 94′.

Will this be the car that brings Nico Hulkenburg closer to a Ferrari drive? Will this be the first Sauber car to score a Formula 1 victory? I hope so, on both fronts. I’m probably more excited about this car, than any other car this year.

Of course, check out the launch presentation after the jump.

*So we’re about halfway through all of the Formula 1 launches. For those of you looking for more road-car stuff, normal service will be resumed shortly…or something like that. ;)*

Update: Sauber-Ferrari C32 Analysis by Peter Windsor and Craig Scarbourgh.

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