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Nothing will get in the way of a proper car-guy and his hooning. 😉

Mind Over Motor

Many of you probably know about how Chris Harris exposed Ferrari’s rigging of press cars during magazine tests. Ferrari immediately blacklisted him after his article aired on Jalopnik (We did a reaction piece to it as well), which meant he would never be allowed to drive Ferrari press cars again, or purchase a brand new Ferrari for that matter too. Chris has had other ways of still getting Ferraris to road test, but this time he has actually landed himself one of Ferrari’s own press cars via some under-the-table means. The hilariousness of this video for me lies in how he proceeds to absolutely ring the car’s neck, beating the crap out of it on a racetrack like it is a Nissan drift car, or something. It would’ve been hilarious to see the angry looks of the Ferrari executives, in their well tailored suits, upon seeing this video.


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