|Weekend| Simming it up!


During the off-season, it’s always important to find someway to sharpen your racing skills for when the spring time returns. So over the weekend, I played some RFactor on a friend’s computer.

In my opinion, quality simulation games are a good way to improve your mental programming while racing on a budget.

We spent the afternoon practicing with classic Formula 1 cars, on tracks that we’d never driven before. It gave us some time to re-learn some of our old skills, and also create a list of new habits to start working on for the upcoming season.


Between the two of us, we drove several fun cars like the Williams FW-14, the Ferrari 643. However, my all time favorite was the Mclaren MP4/6. It handles great, and that amazing sound!

I’ve had that V12 engine sound in my head since then. I can’t wait to get back to racing this season…

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