|Technique| Mental tips to drive faster: Focus


We all know that racing is a dynamic sport.  Things are always happening. In order to be successful, a driver always must keep his attention ahead of the car’s behavior and where he is on track.

However, some drivers suffer from “over thinking”, putting too much of their attention on events that have already passed. This doesn’t help their performances, as once something has happened on track, it cannot be undone whether it’s something good or something bad.

For example, a driver could spend too much time dwelling on a mistake that caused himself to be overtaken or self-congratulating himself on a good move that he’s just pulled off on another driver.

In either case, the driver is misdirecting his focus on what he can’t change in the past, and taking his attention off of what could be happening to him in the future. In order to get the maximum during a race, a driver must stay focused in the moment for the entire race distance.

Motorsports: FIA Formula One World Championship 2011, Grand Prix of Hungary

In short, keep your head in the game. There is time to analyze your performance after the race.

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