(PSA) |StartingGrid.org| is looking for someone to wield our Facebook page!

As StartingGrid is looking to evolve in 2013. However, we’ve only got so many hands to get all of the projects that we’ve started done. This is where we need your help!


You’ll get a fancy title and everything! How does “Overlord of Social Media” sound?

We’re looking for a few people to help in maintaining some of our social media tools, like our Facebook page, to spread the |StartingGrid| cause. We need someone to continue finding cool photos of cars and grow the followership by facilitating in online discussions. Cool, right?

Plus, you wouldn’t be alone! Our current admins would still be there doing what we always do, but we just need extra help. People who help |StartingGrid| always get cool stuff, like free stickers and shirts when we get around to making them.

Take a look around our Facebook page, and let us know if being an admin is something that you’re interested in doing. We could really use your help!


At the very least if you could share this post around, it would be super-helpful.

Thanks, guys!

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