|Project MR2| – Just getting it on the road is means for celebration.

East Seattle-20121208-00192

** Sadly, Project MR2 is dead, but we still keep this log up to show that we did have it at one point…

*Sorry for the lack of photos on this post. I just haven’t had the time, and actually really don’t have a good camera to take snaps yet.

Project MR2 has definitely started out well-intentioned enough. In fact, it initially really even start out as a ‘project’ at all. For sometime, Project Kyoko had been the workhorse car between myself and my girlfriend. Due to where our jobs took us, we ended up putting over 100 miles a day on my little Miata, and somewhere along the lines of around 25,000 miles over a year! (I’m not joking.)

With all of that mileage, Kyoko started to wear out. If you’ve noticed, many of my recent project logs for Kyoko have been installing replacement parts or repairs, rather than autocrossing because of this. It actually got to a point where I stopped recording some of the work being done to the car, because it was just a reminder of how much money I was spending on the car just to keep it on the road. >.<

But this post isn’t about Kyoko, it’s about Project MR2. At it’s core, Project MR2 meets a basic need. A second car.

I can hear this question now coming from you guys. ‘Wait, you got the car in June. Why wait so long before making a project log for it?’ Well technically, I brought it to your attention in previous Project Kyoko post, (see here) but really it hasn’t become a Project Car until recently. Why?

Well, the car has some ‘unique’ things that need to be freshened up before we started showing it off to people. Some interior bits need to be replaced. The car’s previous owner thought it would be a good idea to black out the taillights, and turn-signals, so I’d like to get those replaced with more conventional units before taking her out on the road. There are some other things that I’ll get into with future posts, and I don’t want to spoil all of the fun in one day…

East Seattle-20121208-00196

So Project MR2 has ‘s now fallen under the label of a |StartingGrid| Project Car. So it has the joyous privilege of potentially snowballing into something crazy. 😉 First thing’s first though. I need to get it through emissions, some servicing and we need to get it on the road, and put some miles on her.


12/8/2012- Update: Was able to get under Project MR2 today for its first oil change, in what must have been FOREVER. Project Kyoko is actually down with a broken diff, so it gave me a good reason to work on the MR2.

Followers of the blog will see that we worked in the usual spot of my friend’s garage. I also had a chance to clean the injectors, so now the idle is actually back to a normal range. In the meantime, while I’ve been working on this post, someone tapped the car and broke one of the turn-signals. So some OEM turn indicators are on order, as well as some other odds and ends.

Sorry for the low-resolution photos, but all I had on me was my cameraphone.

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