|Video| Depth of Speed: Back to Life

Zombie Rabbit - courtesy of Josh Clason - Depth of Speed

Photo credit: Josh Clason – Depth of Speed

Depth of Speed has released another excellent video! This one is about a Zombie VW rabbit and the enthusiast who built it. The owner did most of the work himself using cast offs and gifts from the VW community. Check out the racing seats he upholstered using leather jackets. This is his first project, he learned by doing. I think he did a great job.

Vimeo video is after the break.

I still can’t get over those seats. I’ve got a pair of old Sparcos for the Miata; I may need to hit Goodwill for some old jackets.

One thought on “|Video| Depth of Speed: Back to Life

  1. This has been one of my favorite ‘Depth of Speed’ videos yet. My favorite part is when he talks about how simple his car is. My Miata feels the same way.

    You don’t really need the gauges when something is broken. You can smell, and feel when things are going well, and it gives you a really connected feeling.

    Great find, Bret.

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