Street Parked: 1970 Chevelle Malibu Survivor

This Chevelle epitomizes the street parked survivor that catches my eye. This car was bought as a standard car with the smallest v8, the 307, and has faithfully fulfilled daily driver duty for over forty years. That it has survived and continues to see regular use is remarkable.

Shaded Chevelle
The Chevelle was Chevrolet’s mid-size offering. It was available in a wide range of flavors, from an economy car with a spartan interior and a Turbo-thrift inline 6 to the fire breathing SS models with their 396 and 454 cubic inch engines.
Chevelle hind end
Today’s subject is a Chevelle Malibu, the Malibu package adding some nice frills like bucket seats and nicer interior bits. The landau top could have been part of the Malibu package but may also have been a dealer installed item.
Dog dish hubcaps
This car’s 307 cubic inch v8 is interesting for being the last iteration of the original 265 cubic inch small block v8 introduced in 1955. The 265 was bored to 283 cubic inches in 1957. That engine was stroked in 1968 to provide this engine’s 307 cubic inch displacement. While the 265 and 283 are known for their high power ratings, the 307 was never offered with a high power tune. The 307 in this car likely makes about 200 horsepower.
Still has its 307
The owner of this car appeared as I was taking pictures – this happens from time to time. Usually owners are not surprised by my interest in their car. This car’s owner was curious and suspicious why I was taking pictures but quickly relaxed and opened up when I explained that I was merely an enthusiast interested in his cool old car. This car still has its original engine and runs fine, even if the owner wishes it got better fuel economy.
Chevy Schnoz
This is one of my favorite Street Parked cars that I’ve found so far. This car is a time capsule. It has not been bastardized into a teenager’s hot rod, nor has it been resto-modded into what may as well be a modern car. It’s an honest survivor still doing the job it was built to do. Let’s hope it continues to soldier on as long as its owner needs it to; I see no reason why it won’t.
Chevelle badge

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2 thoughts on “Street Parked: 1970 Chevelle Malibu Survivor

  1. Can you tell me who owns it and if they might sell? I am not looking for an SS car or replica with a big block that has been turned into a race car with tacky speed parts everywhere. I do look at that car and feel like it deserves to be cleaned up and cared for better. I would probably pull the 307 and trans, put them on a shelf to cure those fuel economy issues and get the power up a little so it’ll run with modern traffic and feel a tiny bit special. I’d just run a simple LS engine with an overdrive trans. A stock 5.3 will make over 400hp with an LS2/LS3/LS6 factory weak sauce cam that cam be bought slightly used with the required springs, sprocket, chain and tensioner for $50…I just happen to have one from an LS3 camaro. Along with long tube headers, the emissions deleted and a solid tune. That would be PLENTY with all else stock…or set up stock with the brakes, shocks, ect all replaced with new for some measure of safety. That thing would be an utter joy and it would cost in the low $10Ks all in.(tops)

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