|Auto Webfind| – VW R32 Powered Lotus Elise

I’ve decided that this car is absolutely brilliant!

Although the S1 Lotus is still up on the all-time list of driver’s cars, the K-Series Rover engine that powered it was always the weakpoint of the platform.  The engine was generally inexpensive, but you always pay later when you start cheap. Stories go of drivers having to replace heads and massive oil-leaks, even at low-mileages.

So, what do you do when you have a lightweight mid-engine car, but you need more reliable power? Swap the motor, of course. The 3.2 liter from the VW R32 wouldn’t have been my first thought, as far as a list of engines, but I praise the originality!

Now, I found this car via a German website. I don’t understand German, but the language of ‘automobile’ is always universal.

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