|Project Kyoko| A 200,000 miles service done on complete accident…

Ok, ok. So I’m super sorry for the blurry pictures, but I am terrible at taking pictures. And also my digital camera was made before the turn of the century… I really need a better camera.

However, let the log commence!

So it’s been FOREVER, since I’ve written a project log update for Kyoko. However, that doesn’t mean that no work has been done on the car. For a while, I was having a micro-drama with seemingly constantly having to replacing parts on Kyoko. However, I suddenly had an epiphany which made all of the drama seem mute.

With a car that’s passing 205,000 miles, I’ve started to realize how many parts have just needed to be replaced just due to age. Let’s think about it.

  • Radiator? –Old
  • Coolant Hoses? – Old
  • Water Pump?- Also Old

So really all of this ‘drama’ hasn’t been all of that bad, when I gave it a bit of perspective. Nothing was breaking, it was just wearing out. I just don’t really like fixing cars…(Who does though really?)

Hindsight. Who would have thought that chills you out, right? What that does mean is that:

  1. I haven’t been able to make it to any autocrosses,
  2. Other than the one earlier in the year, and that I’ve been spend on my money on replacement parts.

So, seeing that I’m so good at it now, I continued this weekend on the trend of replacing worn out parts on Kyoko. Recently her front sway bar end-links wore out, so the car was clicking and clanking when it rode over bumps. Not the business, so  I ordered a new set from 949 Racing, and they just came recently.

Also in the meantime, I had a chance to order some Hawk HPS brake pads, and some replacement brake rotors for the rear. Here are some pictures of the old rotors that we removed from the car.

While I was under the car, I decided that it would be a good idea to replace the transmission oil, and the engine oil at the same time. Seeing that this was my first time replacing transmission oil myself, I was in for a little mini-adventure. Fun fact- 75w90 Transmission oil is super thick! I had no idea! Using a hand pump was not the business…(and yes, I’ve made all of the ‘That’s what she said’ jokes, so you’re too late for that. )

So when all is said and done, I guess that I ended up doing a good 200,000 mile service seemingly by accident. Hopefully, that means that will all of the recent servicing that Kyoko will (gasp) actually be ready to go autocrossing!

Really?!!! Without exploding?! We’ll see, but I’ll be having my fingers crossed the entire time the next time I hit the autocross course.

Sigh…I really need a better camera…

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