|LeMons| Pujo!’s License Plate Recycling Program

Sunset at Chase Race
We’ve been working late nights at Chase Race getting Pujo! ready to race. In order to comply with the strictly enforced budget cap in the LeMons series, we are often forced to find creative ways to do things. The latest Pujo! Penny Pinching Project® involves the relocation of our electrical kill switch and the installation of a push button starter.

The Healey visits Pujo!The Healey came out to provide electrical system good mojo – the Healey being blessed with Lucas electrical parts from the time when Lucas made good and reliable parts (no really).
The kill switch had been mounted outside at the base of the windshield, where safety workers or long armed competitors could reach it and shut Pujo!’s power down.
Hot wires and cold wires
The new rules dictate that the driver as well as safety personnel be able to reach the switch. We found a convenient place in the driving compartment where the switch would be readily accessible and also not be in the way of a driver’s flailing hands as he ham-fistedly attempts to keep Pujo! out of the weeds.
This used to be an air vent
We then drank some beer and cut a piece of metal out of a conveniently found license plate.

Le template

After a bit of wiring pasta tossing, we installed our brand new kill switch. It even works!
Safe switch

The starter button installation was a far simpler endeavor. It is needed because this is a race car! All race cars have push buttons starters, right? Actually, the reason for the start button is that the ignition switch is starting to become a piece of crap. Replacement Peugeot electrical components for USA model cars are as difficult to acquire as enriched uranium on the black market. Our handy dandy push button starter was sourced from the Friendly Local Auto Parts Store (FLAPS) and installed with a simple bit of wiring.
Start Button

Because the race is less than a week away, we have started gathering all of our spare parts. Below is a picture of our spare brake rotor. It’s in great shape, aside from a bit of surface rust.
Good spare

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