|Video x 2| – Lotus T125: A personal sniff into Formula 1

In the last twelve months, I personally believe that Group Lotus/Lotus Cars has de-evolved into a mini-train wreck. It’s Indy Car program is slipping and it’s road-car program is spiraling. It’s generally a disappointment to the automotive world.

That all aside, there are some positives to the recent developments behind Group Lotus. One of them is the Lotus Type 125.  In what was known as the Exos project, the T125 is basically a F1/GP2 car for private purchase.

Some stats:

  • Max Power 640 bhp @ 9800 rpm
  • Max Torque 450 Nm @ 7600 rpm
  • Max Engine Revs 10,300 rpm normal running
  • Fuel Rating 101 RON
  • Unladen Vehicle Mass 650 kg.

Check out the Group Lotus website for more about the T125


What happens when Jeremy Clarkson drives it?


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