Project Kyoko- A weekend full of adventure!

Well, if you want to call replacing a water pump an adventure. TJ and John K spent all Sunday helping me replace my water pump, thermostat, timing belt and radiator hoses.

Honestly, it was probably one of the more straight-forward repairs that we’ve done on Kyoko. I was smart enough to bring extra cash, so that we could pick up tools as we needed. Plus, TJ’s mom ordering pizza made working through the hours easier. Hopefully, my car karma will start to change so that I can start doing some autocrosses and track days soon…(fingers crossed)

Meanwhile, I installed a new Momo Corsa steering wheel, and painted my valve cover. (Priorities, right? ;)) I’m not sure if I like the flat-bottom wheel design yet, but I do love the new steering postion. It brings the wheel closer to me, and gives me more spaces for my knees and legs. I’m going to have to give it some time…


Bonus! – My girlfriend picked up a new car! She bought herself a white SW20 (NA) MR2 on Saturday. She hasn’t named it yet, but I got a chance to take it for a quick test drive once she brought it home. The 2.2 liter has more torque than the Miata does, but it does not have powersteering, so it’s a bit heavy.

Still, it’s pretty exciting to have the engine start up behind you. She’s talking about raising the car just a bit, so that she has better ground clearance. (The previous owner decided that hellalow was better than hellasafe.)

The most important thing is that 1) it runs, and 2) Lisa really likes it. So that’ll be an exciting mini-project coming up soon.

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