2014 Chevrolet SS: GM Resurrects the V8 Rear Drive Sedan

Chevy SS Badge
Australia has given us many great things. Among them have been been: Alan Jones, the Boomerang, and the Ute. My favorite Aussie invention is the GM Zeta platform. The Zeta underpins GM’s excellent Camaro and the M5-esque Pontiac G8 (RIP) as well as the new Caprice Police car.

The latest fruit to drop from the Zeta vine is the 2014 Chevrolet SS. SS in GM circles means “Super Sport”. The SS badge is usually applied to the fast version of a GM vehicle, think of the modern Camaro SS or the classic Imapla SS. This car will just be called “SS”. I’m not sure why it’s not getting its own model name; Impala or Caprice would seem to fit. This makes me think the car will only be available with the V8, cool. If it’s anything like the Pontiac G8, it will be an incredible car.

I’m really excited about this car. We enthusiasts may have fun things like Miatas, Austin Healeys, and Fiat Abarths for zipping down country roads or taking around race tracks, but when it comes time to load the family for the road trip to grandma’s house we need something entertaining to get us there. This looks like it may be that car.

GM will be using the SS as the basis for their next NASCAR print Cup car. Below is a picture of a camouflaged SS Sprint Cup race car to give you no idea what the production SS will look like.
It's a camoflaged spec bodied race car!

Here’s a link to the GM Press Release.

2 thoughts on “2014 Chevrolet SS: GM Resurrects the V8 Rear Drive Sedan

  1. V8 Supercars should be included above Koala Bears in the list of great things from Oz. It slipped my mind as I was thinking about Utes doing burnout competitions. When Mr. Webber wins a World Drivers Championship he’ll be able to stand beside Alan Jones. He’s due isn’t he?

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