Project Kyoko: Homemade updates

With money being how it is, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to make updates to Kyoko. I’m just being made to be more creative with my ideas.  So in the downtime, I’m coming up with sample modifications, which if I like then I’ll make more refined versions of what I have in the car now.

#1 Interior door handle delete and strap:

I have longer arms, so my elbows hit the interior handle when cornering hard. So after a quick visit to TC Motorsports, and sitting in one of their Spec-Miatas, I got the idea to remove the door handle and make this plate-strap. This is just the basic concept, using a Simpson lap-belt from some worn harnesses, and some aluminum that we had lying around.  Now I have more interior space on my side, and my elbows  don’t run into things.

#2 Hand carved shift-knob

I love one-off interior pieces, because I think that they add character. A friend’s dad carved me this shift knob out of vine-maple. It’s super light and strong, which makes for really positive and easy shifts. A few coats of lacquer, and it has a super nice shine to it.  I was told that if I wanted, he would paint it, or carve words in it or whatever else I’d like, but I like the natural look for now.

I think this spruces up the interior, and feels a lot better than the ‘weighted’ Razo shift-knob that I had before. A smaller Nardi Corn steering wheel will help with the final ‘space-saving’, but like I said, things are tight right now.


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