No Top Gear Until 2013!?!

Not good news! Jeremy Clarkson, during a South African radio interview, mentioned that there will be no new Top Gear episodes until 2013. Presumably this is because everyone in the UK will be busy with the Summer Olympics. I am highly disappointed by this. Until the summer olympics (purposely not capitalized to show disdain) includes driving events and curling, they may as well be just another track and field competition. When was the last time a track and field competition forced the cancellation of something as important as watching three middle aged men cock about with cars?

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Wait a tic. What if the Top Gear guys are not making any new episodes because they are doing the opening ceremonies? Surely this is what is happening, it’s the only thing that makes sense. There will be an elaborate display of synchronized Reliant Robin tumbling and camping trailer destruction amid a backdrop of a symphony of internal combustion orchestrated by Maestro Stig.

Whew, I feel better now.

via Final Gear

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