|Photo|- Thoughts while remembering Senna (21 March 1960 – 1 May 1994)

Although none of us had ever met him, most of us who write for this blog love Aryton Senna.  |StartingGrid| has written several articles about him, including a very special one which features photos from the San Marino Grand Prix taken by one of readers on that tragic day of May 1st, 1994.

Out of respect, I had planned to write an entire article about Senna.  However, posts of that kind can be found all throughout the internet. I decided that today would be better spent in quiet reflection. Not only about the passing of Aryton Senna, but how we spend the rest of our time on this planet.

What does any of that have to with Ayrton Senna? Senna was a man who not only chased after his dreams. He spent his life pushing himself to become better, stronger and faster. His single-minded focus, belief and dedication moved generations of people throughout the world, and changed our perceptions about what one person could accomplish.

That impact should be respected and never forgotten. We should all strive to reach such greatness. Even if we fail to make it, those who do will be more successful than those who fail to try. So with those thoughts in mind today, take a moment to remember Senna.

Now, what will you do next?

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