|Opinion| Does the new Lotus Exige sound innovative or boring?

Last year, I posted about how I thought that the new cars developed by Group Lotus has lost its motoring ethos by wandering away from developing lightweight sports cars. Personally, I still believe that Danny Behar has corrupted the Lotus brand, not only in the motoring industry and in the motorsport world as well.

Listen to Chris Harris speaking about the new Lotus. (Sidenote- I love Chris, but this video feels like a Jeremy Clarkson overglorification look-alike.) At times, he makes it sound like the car could drive itself out of the corner by itself. Although that is a kudos to the new driver-assist aids developed in the new Exige, it begs the question. – “Is that something that you want in a Lotus?”

Maybe in other cars.  When I think Lotus though, I don’t want to think about driver assists. That’s what Audis are for.

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