Caterham CT-01 Launch Video #F1

Now having had a few weeks to get used to the ‘crooked duckbills’ of current 2012 cars, I’m starting be able to look past the aesthetic and get pumped for the season again.

Followers know what a massive fan I am of Lotus Racing/Team Lotus/Caterham, and my hopes that the team make a massive step into the mid-field in 2012. With the recent news that Vitaly Petrov is replacing Italian wine-lover Jarno Trulli, I’m expecting to see a seriously spirited fight to the teams ahead.

Something about the underdog that really gets me excited to see some racing…

3 thoughts on “Caterham CT-01 Launch Video #F1

  1. We should watch some races together this yr…I’m also stoked for this team. Heikki did a great job last yr, and Petrov should be a nice addition. Really hoping to see them make a descent step up on the grid!

    Any idea what the phase written on the left inside,“the japanese popstars”, menas?

  2. Caterham F1 was the first FIA Formula One team to unveil their 2012 contender, the CT01. Their plan was to show the new green Air Asia car on the cover of F1 Racing magazine on Thursday the 26th of January. Nice resource !

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