Street Parked: Grocery Getting Jaguar E-Type

If you have to go shopping, you might as well have fun getting there.
There is nothing like a grocery store car park filled with anonymous SUVs, crossovers, and tinted windowed Bimmers to make something like this Jaguar stand out like a roman candle going off in church.

Click through for some pictures that actually show the entire car. I just loved getting a shot of this Jag’s redline tire and bulbous snout juxtaposed with the Safeway sign.

This is a Series 1 E-type Jaguar, built sometime between 1961 and 1968. This one has a 3.8 liter straight six engine that can propel this cat up to nearly 150 miles per hour. A larger, 4.2 liter version of the engine was also available, in case this car’s low 7 second 0 to 60 time wasn’t quick enough. In 1961, this was supercar performance.

All the other cars are nervously trying to look practical

There is no reason not to use an E-type for grocery shopping, look at the size of that trunk!

Who wouldn't want to drive this?

You don’t expect to see E-type Jaguars in grocery store parking lots. However, it’s great to see a cool Jaguar getting used and enjoyed, even if it is just for a trip to the store.

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