Project Kyoko- Silencing the noise, but no track time…

Why is it that all of my project log photos have my car on jacks?


So earlier this week, I noticed that Kyoko had developed an exhaust leak. Since I wanted to send some time at PGP doing some hot laps, I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could get the leak fixed first before I went out on track.

Popping over to a friend’s house who has a large garage than I do,  I was able to put the car up on jackstands and check underneath her. Turns out that she had lost an exhaust gasket coming from the catalytic converter and one of the bolts had worked itself loose. Since we didn’t have any spare Miata gaskets just lying around, we were able to use some gasket sealer to stop the immediate leak.  I’ll have to pick up a gasket in the next week or so.

The interesting thing was that once I started Kyoko back up, I noticed that her exhaust note was much more muted than even when I picked her up. I’m guessing that she had this leak for a while, even before when I picked her up.

So with the problem solved, I decided to head down to the small outdoor track for some laps. Sadly, I get there and all of the run spots had been filled by a tuner-crew who had arrived before me. Super frustrating to watch cars spinning off in silly places, and not getting any track time.

Oh well, next week! (Or really the week after, since next week is…ack…Christmas!)

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