Formula 3- Hamilton vs Vettel (Semi wet battle)

I honestly didn’t know that Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton were battling back in Formula 3! Finding this video puts the battles between Hamilton and Vettel in the beginning of the Formula 1 2011 season in more perspective.

I wonder how much history do the two have together through the years?…

3 thoughts on “Formula 3- Hamilton vs Vettel (Semi wet battle)

  1. I just realised that I misread the post. You said they were battling back then and I read it as battling at the back. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  2. They were not exactly battling at the back. Vettel was in his first season of F3 and finished 5th in the championship. He managed 5 podiums and 1 fastest lap. Hamilton was in his second season of Euro F3 and in 20 starts he had 15 wins, 13 poles and 10 fastest laps so hardly battling at the back.

    The following season Vettel finished second in the same championship to his team mate Paul di Resta and Hamilton took the GP2 championship at his first attempt.

    I hadn’t realised that they had raced together before but this was the only season till Vettel arrived in F1 that they raced cars in the same championship.

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