I’m going to be watching more rally in 2012…

To be honest, I haven’t been following much of the World Rally Championship for the last few years. However, after reading Tim’s last post about why I should watch more WRC, it started to get me researching into more rally videos.

One thing I stumbled over was Ford’s 2011 review video of the WRC season.

I heard in the WRC news today that former World Champion Petter Solberg will be joining up with the Ford WRC Squad in 2012. I’m super excited for him. I’ve always liked Solberg, because I feel that Petter really has persevered while getting the short end of the WRC stick lately. I’m excited to watch the season unfold!

Now to buff up on my rally knowledge, so I know what I’m looking at… 😉

Who of our followers watch rally? Where should I start? Know any good rally blogs?

One thought on “I’m going to be watching more rally in 2012…

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