Character, Vision and Faith- Lotus Racing/Team Lotus/Caterham F1

In modern times, most people wander around with a lack of faith. Times have become so hard that people don’t believe that they can achieve anything. That is a gross un-truth.

If a person reaches inside of themselves and believes that they have the strength of character, they can rise from their struggles. If that  person can reach out and motivate others, then they all can reach unbelievable heights.

Look back two years, when a small group of people decided that they wanted to build a Formula 1 team. Not just any Formula 1 team either. They wanted to bring Lotus back from the ashes.

With only four people, they developed and grew into a proper Formula 1 team. A fan favorite, no matter who you support. Take a look at this video, which hallmarks the first year of Lotus Racing, the team who has now risen to be Caterham F1.

The team known as Caterham F1 represents what can be done with people of the right character, vision and faith.  They have proper realistic goals, and they are motivated. The team name may have changed again, but the vision has never wavered.

I look forward to see what they achieve going into the future of 2012.

2 thoughts on “Character, Vision and Faith- Lotus Racing/Team Lotus/Caterham F1

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