Craiglist? Oh yeah…Because Race Car (E30)

I would almost never want to feature a car that was sitting on *gasp* Craiglist *gasp*, especially with the horror that Kasumi caused me.

However this car made such an impression on me after being brought to my attention, I couldn’t help myself! This car is sitting pretty local to me at 425 Motorsports. Maybe we should go down and check it out ourselves! They aren’t that far away from where I’m sitting right now.

I believe that this is a car that’s prepared for the Pro-3 series of racing, which is pretty popular here in the Pacific Northwest. I love the period vinyl, and the white letter sidewalls on the Hoosiers.  Some stats below:

  • 1987 BMW 325-I EIP/SPM – Prepared E30 Race Car
  • Motec Engine Management Coil on plug ignition 180 hp and 185 ft/lbs tq at the wheels
  • Metric Mechanics gear box
  • Custom oil pan with baffles
  • Quaife 3.73 Diff
  • ATL Fuel Cell
  • Penkse Coilover Suspension w/Eibach Springs Ireland Engineering Sway Bars
  • Cascade Autosports Built 10-Point Roll Cage
  • E36 Steering rack
  • OMP Kevlar Race Seat
  • Custom dash/Motec Data Acquisition
  • AMB Transponder
  • Tilton Brake Bias adjuster in cockpit
  • SPA Fire System
  • Kill Switch
  • Racing Dynamics
  • Pedals OMP Steering Wheel?
  • M&R Window Net
  • Wink rearview mirror
  • Fiberglass Hood and Trunk-lid (Lift off set up with hood pins)
  • E30 M3 fiberglass fenders with BMW 2002 bolt-on rear over fenders for wide wheels/tires
  • 15×7, ET-25 Panasport wheels with Hoosier R45A tires
  • Lexan windows (front, sides and rear) No door windows.
  • Thorough paint job of underside, interior and exterior (White)
  • Very nice, wiring job and fuel line routing.
  • NO RUST or Body Damage

He’s only asking about $26,000 for it. Good thing I don’t have my hands on that kind of cash. Otherwise, I know right where it’d go. I don’t know the owner of this car, but I do know a quality build when I see one.

Link to the ad, just in case anyone is interested here.

3 thoughts on “Craiglist? Oh yeah…Because Race Car (E30)

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