Random Snap- An outing with Kyoko

Nice that someone was able to grab a shot of Kyoko during our time out.

A few weeks ago, I was able to take Kyoko out for a run on our local outdoor karting track. It was nice to be able to shakedown the car with some untimed laps, and get to know her a bit better.  I have to say, that I LOVE this car. Much better than ‘Kasumi’ by a factor of 100.

I was planning on changing to Kyoko’s winter tires the next day, so this was as good of time as any to have some fun. The track was a bit slick as it was cold and the sun was already going down. The plan is to spend more time out there over the winter and get more seat-time before spring heats up again.

I believe this was taken on our of our first laps out, because of the brakes being on so far after the turn- in point, but I’m just going to fake it and say that I was trail braking. 😉

Thanks for Michael Ewald and his dad for grabbing pictures that day. So much fun!

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