Did you know that #Senna tested for #IndyCar?

A little known fact was that Nigel Mansell wasn’t the only Formula 1 driver who considered making the switch to IndyCar. In December of 1992, Aryton Senna came to the United States and tested for Penske Racing. This was a huge deal, even though it created little discussion in Europe.

They have Formula 1, so what would Europeans care about IndyCar? Wrong!

For those who don’t know Penske for IndyCar is much like Mclaren for Formula 1, so we are talking about testing for one of the top teams of the era. The test for more out of interest in the IndyCar for Senna, than a full time commitment to the series, but still important nonetheless.


Apologies that the video is not in English, but take a moment to view a little know piece of motorsport history.  Thanks to MotorsportRetro for the find, and follow the link for a more detailed article.

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