Project Kyoko: Karting practice tonight

Tonight, I’ll be down at the kart track, teaching a karting clinic with some friends. I always look forward to these days.

I love go-karting, especially indoors. As a guy who doesn’t have a large budget, but loves racing, any seat time is important.  Therefore, I spend alot of time karting at indoor go-kart tracks to practice on my racing technique.

I’ve spent nearly two years at this indoor racetrack, behind the wheel of a kart at least once a week. It’s exciting! You learn alot about yourself as a driver, and it’s fun to watch your skills improve.

I enjoy it so much that I spend time down at the kart track, and teach other people how to improve their technique whenever I have the spare time.

I’m one of those guys who really like to analyze the finer points of my technical development. I have my own driver’s log, I take course notes, and I spend time working on my mental development as much as my physical fitness.

People ask why I put so much attention on refining a technique in a go-kart just zipping around an arrive and drive facility.  I personally feel that no matter what you are driving, from an indoor Sodi-kart to a Formula 1 car, that racing is racing.

Racing is as much as about learning how to find the line, and how to pass, as it is about learning how to develop proper mental programming. It’s a fun challenge, and I really enjoy it.

The drivers who spend time focusing on becoming the best that they can be will be faster than the others. Karting here helps my driving at the autocross courses, and on the larger tracks. It’s fun for me. I have a passion for being the best driver I can be, no matter what I’m doing.

I’m a driving nerd, what else can I say?

Thanks to Emerald Pacific Outfitters for taking these pictures.

3 thoughts on “Project Kyoko: Karting practice tonight

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