Street Parked- Locost at the track

Gotta love how Peter comes prepared. Slicks on the roof, radials on the road.

I was at our local outdoor go-kart track putting laps on Kyoko, and her previous owner showed up in his new project car.

The Locost is basically a Lotus Seven clone, powered by a turbo Miata engine. (1.6, I believe).

I just saw in action today, and man was it fast! Hopefully Peter will see this post and bring up some video of his car, so we can post it here.

3 thoughts on “Street Parked- Locost at the track

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  3. Davin,
    It was great seeing you out there! I had set-up my new Go-Pro to take video…but I must’ve fat-thumbed the record button…so it didn’t record! but the highlight was getting on top of the PGP Hot Laps board [IMG][/IMG]

    I’m already itching to get back out there once it’s fully dry…the locost should do sub 1:10 laps IMO.

    -’99 Miata donor (1.8L engine, tranny, VLSD, brakes,…)
    -T25 turbo, running 7psi. 190 WHP
    -Tuned by Kito via Megasquirt
    -Hoosier A6 Front 205/15, Rear 225/15
    -Weight: 1,420 lbs

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