Another interesting Formula 1 cameraview…

Several weeks back, we posted about a Formula 1 driver’s eye-level camera view, and how interesting that would be. This weekend at the Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix, I caught sight of an interesting onboard camera view, which I think would be super exciting to have as common occurrence during Grand Prix weekends.

Check out the video below, where we can see a driver-facing camera of Sebastian Vettel as he completes a practice lap.

Now unfortunately, I believe that this camera view would only be useful during nightraces like Singapore and Abu-Dhabi where the drivers would not be required to wear tinted visors. Check out an older video of Fernando Alonso in 2006, using a similar camera angle.

See? Not as useful during the daytime. However, it does provide an interesting view into the expressions of a Formula 1 driver at speed.  During the nighttime video, it’s cool to see what Vettel his putting his attention on during his lap, and most importantly how excited he looks upon getting pole position.

How cool would this view be to have during driver incidents or close moments behind the wheel?  (If Lewis and Massa happened to come together, I would love to see their expressions!)

Does anyone else agree with me? Would you like to see this camera view more often?

(Apologies for the mentioning of Eddie Jordan in this video. We all know how annoying he can be…)

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