Image of the Day: Nurburgring Roadster Drift

Image provided by the guys at Motoring Conbrio

NA Roadster, no roll bar and the Nurburgring. Excellence.

Editor Note: I wanted to take this moment, to mention that the site is really trying to make a push to move away from solely F1 content, and migrate more into more general automotive content. I want to spend more time writing about driving technique, having our writers talk about their own cars and other ‘real-world’ posts. 

Making that growth is going to take some time, and I hope that our readers will help us provide feedback with the direction that the site is going.

Don’t worry, the interesting videos will not be disappearing. We will be covering F1 content, but I want to show more.  Much more. We just want to provide you with more dynamic and unique content, vs. what you can find running a Google Search.

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